35th Generation Shaolin Warrior Song Shan Shaolin Monastery
18th Generation Mei Hua Quan
13th Generation Chen Tai Chi Chuan
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Τρίτη 26 Ιανουαρίου 2016

Disciple Meihua Quan Ceremony
Dr Bill Ag. Drougas became a 35th Generation Shaolin Warrior and the 18th Generation Mei Hua Quan by Master Shi Yan Jun 34th Generation Shaolin Monk and 17th Generation Mei Hua Quan at the Shaolin Song Shan Monastery China.
The Workshop in Arta ended with the Disciple Meihua Quan Ceremony. Dr. Bill Drougas offered tea to Shifu Shi Yan Jun as sign of respect from the student to the Master in the Disciple Meihua Quan Ceremony. Shifu Shi Yan Jun was honored to have such an accomplished student as Dr. Bill Drougas.
This ceremony it is very traditional and is kept when a student becomes disciple. Shifu Yan Jun being 17th Generation Disciple of Meihua Quan means Dr. Bill Drougas become 18th Generation Disciple of Meihua Quan and both are under the Grand master Han Bai Guan, one of the most famous Masters in China.
Apart of becoming disciple of Meihua Quan, Dr. Bill Drougas automatically becomes 35th Generation Shaolin Warrior Monk. By becoming disciple he took both generations Shifu Yan Jun holds.
His academic studies are correlated to his Kung Fu education. He trained in the following styles of Martial Arts: Five animal styles, Northern Tien Shan Pai Kung Fu, Jow Ga Kung Fu, Ten Shi Goju, Tian Chuan Fa, Fu Chia Pai Huo, Taekwon Do, Hap Ki Do. Now he teaches the style of Kung Fu that he created with other Masters with the name Dou Chuan Pai.
Dr. Bill Drougas holds the following degrees in Martial Arts: Dou Chuan Pai, Fu Chia Pai Huo, Man Seer Kung Pai, Tai Chi Quan,  Qigong, Taekwon Do, Hapkido and Tenshi Goju Kai.
Since December 2014, Dr. Bill Drougas started to learn Meihua Quan.
After more than one year of study he realized the huge benefits of Meihua Quan on the body energy system. He asked the permission from Shifu Shi Yan Jun to do an academic research about the 5 stances and first form of Meihua Quan.
The title of the paper will be: “Ergophysiology and Physical Mechanics of Mei Hua Quan Wu Shi stances”.
At the end of ceremony Dr. Bill Drougas offered to Shifu Yan Jun as gift his PhD thesis which is a research in the field of Tai Ji Quan and Energy Channels in the body.
Shifu Yan Jun is happy to have such a dedicated student and disciple! He wishes all the very best to his disciple and his students!